Stärkung sozialer Organisationen mit maßgeschneiderten Unterstützungsdiensten

PariServe bietet spezialisierte Dienstleistungen an, die auf die Bedürfnisse sozialer Organisationen zugeschnitten sind, darunter Beschaffung, Gehaltsabrechnung, Buchhaltung, Arbeitssicherheit und Bildungsprogramme. Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt darauf, diesen Organisationen zu ermöglichen, sich auf ihre Kernaufgaben zu konzentrieren, indem sie wichtige Verwaltungsaufgaben erledigen und Unterstützung bieten, die Effizienz und Einsparungen steigert.


PariServe, a gGmbH, provides critical support in procurement, HR, and financial accounting to essential service facilities such as nursing homes and childcare centers. The company embeds a spirit of solidarity and support in its DNA, viewing their roles not just as jobs, but as vital components of the community support ecosystem.

Challenge & Ansatz

The role of a payroll accountant is often stereotyped and typically advertised with simplistic appeals that fail to convey the depth and importance of the position. At PariServe, a payroll accountant does much more than crunch numbers; they play a crucial role in supporting system-relevant facilities, effectively helping to alleviate the workload of frontline staff. The challenge was to elevate the perception of this role and differentiate it in the job market.

To appropriately recognize the significance of the role and engage potential applicants uniquely, we developed a creative campaign that portrayed payroll accountants as heroes with superpowers:


We mak an impact through our work

The campaign successfully transformed the image of the payroll accountant role at PariServe, yielding impressive outcomes:


There was a 60% increase in the number of applications for the payroll accountant position compared to previous recruitment efforts.


Social media posts featuring the campaign saw engagement rates increase by 45%, demonstrating high interest and interaction from the audience.


improvement in how the role was perceived, with candidates expressing greater appreciation for the responsibilities and impact of the position.